Looking for a bedroom TV? Look no more, LG 32LN520B is the one that you are looking for. Get quality picture and big features for small price with LG 32LN520B. It has many features like an expensive TV like LED backlighting technology,  Triple XD Engine, Picture Wizard II Technology, Smart Energy Saving and multiple picture modes – one of which is setup for gaming purposes. For the money it can’t be beat!

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LG 32LN520B Product Features

This LG 32LN520B has many features like an expensive TV. Here are some of them:

LG 32LN520B Review

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LED Backlighting Technology

With LED backlighting this LG’s LED technology delivers amazing color detail, brightness and clarity so you’ll see detail like never before.

Picture Wizard II

Get easy self-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements such as black level, color, sharpness, tint  and backlight levels. LG’s on-screen instructions will help you easily calibrate the picture with simple and easy to understand instructions. Now you can spend less time scratching your head over why the grass is blue and the sky orange and focus on the actual program.

Energy Star Qualified

LG has included a suite of settings that will allow you to customize and adjust the energy consumption of your LED TV. ENERGY STAR qualified TVs use about 30% less energy than standard units. Earning the ENERGY STAR means a product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. For TVs, it means This TV is Energy Star compliant to ensure you save money yearly and make an impact on the environment.

LG 32LN520B Technical Details

  • LED Backlighting offers optimal color detail, brightness and clarity

    LG 32LN520B Details

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  • Provides an excellent viewing experience with 720p display
  • Triple XD Engine along with Picture Wizard ensures effective operation. Vivid, standard,  sport, cinema, game, expert1 and expert2 picture modes let you adjust the image to suit your preferences.
  • With ENERGY STAR-qualified prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Inputs include 1 HDMI/HDCP (rear), 1 RF (rear), 1 composite (rear) and 1 component video (rear). SIMPLINK (HDMI CED) connectivity for versatility.

LG 32LN520B Review

Here is one of the honest 32LN520B review by Paul S. Remington who already purchase and use this TV.

The LG 32LN53OB is a 32″ LED television designed for those who are satisfied with 720p video output without the 1080p price. It contains a nice selection of built-in features and picture modes and is Energy Star compliant. Its price point is a nice selling feature, but this doesn’t detract from its video performance, which is respectable. With all this stated, the LG 32LN53OB is a lower scale television in terms of video specifications. If you’re in the market for a 720p, lower priced television, the LG 32LN53OB is certainly worth looking at.

The LG 32LN53OB screen measures 31.5″ diagonally. It has a refresh rate of 60 Mhz with video processing that enhances video performance. 60 MHz is fine for slower moving video, but will result in pixelization during fast action scenes. To add to video performance, LG has incorporated its Triple XD Engine, which provides video deinterlacing, color and contrast enhancements, and video noise reduction. This adds to the overall image quality.

The 32LN53OB comes with seven picture modes that preset different video aspect ratios. These presets enable 16:9 widescreen imaging without any scaling. This preserves the sharpness of the original video signal, which can be degraded during scaling. Other aspect ratios are supported by internal scaling, which enables these video modes to utilize as much of the screen as possible.

To assist in setting up the television, LG has supplied a Picture Wizard that assists in configuring critical settings that control picture quality. These settings include adjustments to black level, white level, color, color tint, horizontal sharpness, and vertical sharpness. These are all easily set using the Picture Wizard in only a few minutes.

The 32LN53OB supports a number of AV inputs and outputs, including one RF In for antenna or cable inputs, one AV In for audio and video input, two component inputs (one on the side and one on the rear of the television), one USB connector, one digital video out, one RS-232 connection, and one headphone output.

As is typical with LED televisions, the audio quality is not its most impressive feature, although it does a very nice job. Many televisions are a bit anemic in their audio output. Not with this LG television. The 32LN53OB comes with two 10W speakers that provide a nice volume depth. If you want to listen to the news while in the next room, you’ll have no problem increasing the volume to a level that enables you to do that comfortably. Some televisions provide only a 3W speaker, which doesn’t provide enough power to fill up more than a room’s worth of volume. While the television provides a nice amount of volume, don’t expect it to deliver grinding bass or nice low end. For that, you’ll want to install an A/V system with larger speakers.

Power consumption is quite modest with this television, which has earned it an Energy Star rating. It consumes a scant 28.9W of power during typical use. Standby mode uses only .3W.

The 32LN53OB comes with a swivel stand, a standard remote, two AA batteries for the remote, and a one-year parts and labor warranty.

The 32LN53OB is a very good 32″ LED television, for the money. It contains the right amount of features and performance to satisfy most consumers who are looking for a basic television at a nice price. It doesn’t natively support 1080p video reproduction, but the video processors within the television do a nice job of hosting 1080 content. The television also offers a very nice array of features and connectivity options, which makes the 32LN53OB a viable option for a variety of applications.

Overall, the LG 32LN53OB is a nice television worth considering for those looking at 720p LED televisions.

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